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Hello again!

I haven’t done anything on this site for a while, sorry. I’m just so busy! If you look at my links at the side of the homepage, you’ll see the links to A FEW of my other sites. I recommend you check them, because I won’t update this site for a while. I’ll add some songs and videos some other day. Until then, check out my other sites(tell me if you found my secret site!)!


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New design! and other news…

I know that nobody has visited this site yet but…. I changed by site design! I personally prefer it because it’s.. well, I’m not sure, I just prefer it!

What are your favourite T.V shows? I know it’s just one question, but I just want to know!

I will post videos (or make a video page), and will soon add a funny pictures page too! 

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Hello and welcome to my new site!!! It won’t be updated regularly, but i will soon add more pages and soon post many videos! I haven’t quite got used to WordPress yet so I’m still exploring. Please check out www.jayster666.weebly.com, which is one of few of the sites I have (I’m trying out all of the free-site creators to see which one suits me best). www.jayster666.weebly.com, in my opinion, is great so please check it out! it even has hidden links, one of them has a site by me which has the links of all the sites I’ve done!

More will come soon!   

A Cute Furry Badger


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